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I'll be going off to burning man in a few days, and I'm realizing that I'll actually have not one but two physical copies with me of almost every digital file that really matters to me, plus multiple copies in the cloud. Like my real work is on Github.

Just as I predicted many years ago. So much of what matters is in the cloud already anyway, memory sizes have gotten so large and compression so good, if I was in a position to splurge I could get an SD card the size of my smallest fingernail, carry everything on it I actually care about, a lifetime of photos I never look at and all my business, with room to spare for a library of every book I could ever want to read and a bunch of good movies, TV shows and music. Heck, my important videos are on YouTube anyway, I've just got the "originals" which are scarcely any more original than the YouTube file.

If I had kids, or I was in the business of making movies, or making lots of music, I might have more to worry about, but even music compresses to nothing.

Guess what? In another 5 years or so, you'll be in this position, too, you'll wake up one morning and realize that your phone has a cache of piece of information you have ever cared about, every movie you've you've ever watched.

I got my Drobo so that I could expand almost without limit - but I also knew when I bought it I would never fully expand it, by the time I can buy and afford the 16 Tb it can contain, I will have pushed it all into the cloud and I'll just get rid of it on eBay, if I can find a buyer.

I have constant rotating backups of my main system in PENTUPLICATE, not because I need it, or because I have any fear of a drive failing (something that hasn't happened to me in a decade) but because I had spare drives lying around and it was only $20 to get a new enclosure and reuse an old drive. I have more disk space than I will ever need, and enough for you too - got something you want stored? I'll make sure it never goes away.

I have had a constant chain of upgrades from one computer to the next without fail for about 20 years. I have a few tapes I could recover if I wanted to get the 80's back.

There is no particular conclusion to this, I'm just bemused by it.

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