drug policy

Someone needs to draft a rational workplace drug policy that companies can use

rather than the current drug policy typical of most workplaces, which is the equivalent of "abstinence only",
I propose a workplace drug policy that encourages full disclosure.

I do not want the dude that hides a flask in his desk drawer
I do not want the CEO who embezzles company money for hookers and blow

I want the guy who does my accounting to have a clean private place to shoot heroin three times a day
I want the girl who brews my coffee to buy her molly safely at the 7-11 with an ID when she turns 21
I want the guy who prefers ketamine to booze to be able to get it on amazon prime
I want my politicians and stock brokers to be able to buy responsibly sourced craft cocaine
I want the kid on ritalin to grow up to be a person who can vape meth and their job done
I want freedom for religion beyond bread and wine

let's set aside the talk of the drug abuser and speak of the responsible drug user


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