Element 115 was recently confirmed. The temporary name it has had for years has been Ununpentium, or eka-Bismuth. Now that it's confirmed, it needs a real name. Recent elements have been named after the country or laboratory that the element was discovered at, which means if no one comes up with something better, it will probably be called Helmholtzium. Ew, gross.

Element 115 has a stable isotope that has yet to be isolated, isotope 299 - it's going to be useful, like other elements we know, like lead, helium, gold, uranium. So you're going to be talking about it. Would you rather have to say "Helmholtzium" or "Elerium"

Elerium comes from some videogame that I never played, but was popular like 20 years ago, it was the name in that game for element 115. So this would be a cool case of life imitating art. I mean, who cares, it's just a name, and the committee that decides these things has no reason to actually listen to the petition.

But in a few years, you might be buying a ring made out of it, or I dunno, it might be powering your flying saucer or something. So would you rather fill your tank with helmholtzium (can you pronounce that?) or with elerium?

So go sign the petition - it's just for fun! And invite your friends! Let's do this!


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