fluid producerism

We define ourselves by what we consume, and why not? Animals, for example, take their natural place as herbivores, carnivores, photovores and omnivores. It seems the most natural means of auto comprehension.

It has become evident, however, that taken to the extreme levels made practical by our position as the dominant species on the planet, consumption takes a toll on our fragile ecostructure. It is unfortunate, but not tragic, that we consume resources at a rate outstripping nature’s ability to create them – after all, this is our natural right. It is tragic, however, that we have become complacent in our consumerism, and most of us feel no great compulsion to contribute to culture, content to keep our heads down and hold down a steady job. Just filling a slot.

It is time to move beyond consumerism into the next phase of human conduct – producerism. Each and every one of us needs to take responsibility for what we create, and needs to return to the world more than we take in.

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