Do you get spam calls that claim to be from law enforcement agencies or social security, threatening to put you in jail? The best thing you can do for your fellow human is to keep those idiots on the line as long as you can. Pretend to be elderly and a bit confused, that’s what they prey on.

To help you out, I’ve provided a cute little service that I call the ‘scamulator’ which generates a profile for an imaginary person, fake name, address, bank accounts, etc. It’s not great, but it’ll give you some material to improvise with. Just keep them going as long as you can. Fake data is courtesy of the Faker gem, and I even threw in a picture to inspire you thanks to This Person Does Not Exist.


bookmark this and keep it handy, next time one of them calls, just bring up the scamulator, and if you record your calls, maybe share them on twitter/etc with #scamulator

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