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iFifteen is the first iPhone app from stephan.com. To play, touch a tile next to the empty space. Pictures are mine unless otherwise credited. Yes, some of them are me. No, it doesn't scramble the tiles for you - turns out that's harder than you'd think. No, it doesn't solve the puzzle for you.

about stephan.com

I'm an  artist an inventor a dancer a hacker an actor a consultant an innovator a burner a dreamer a student an executive a philosopher a programmer a designer an engineer an optimist a blogger living in Venice, California. I'm presently working as CIO at MobileGates creating web sites like Travmatix and Cellfo and starting my PhD at the UEL SMARTlab. I live in SoCal, but home is Black Rock City. I have a conventional last name; I don't often use it.
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