Reaction/Diffusion | Eppur si Muove - 2004

2004 Performance art piece dealing with the lack of a moral or cultural center in today's society in light of the revelations of thinkers such as Copernicus, Galileo, Darwin, Einstein, Bohr, and Heisenberg.

Structurally explores the notion of prosthetic extensions to dance, particularly memory prosthesis; dancers improvise to a visual score.

Music:Philip Glass, Amazon River , from Uakti - Aguas da Amazonia


1633: Galileo found guilty of teaching that the earth moves around the sun
dislodging man from his throne at the center of the universe
Arrested, forced to deny these ideas in court, it is said he whispered:
Eppur si Muove: Still, it moves

Today we have
no center
no absolute
no foundation

All that remains is that you exist

You are the center

Share your voice

Our breath moves
Our body moves
Our heart moves
Our mind moves
Our spirit moves
Our love moves
Love thyself: commit to your dreams

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