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Element 115 was recently confirmed. The temporary name it has had for years has been Ununpentium, or eka-Bismuth. Now that it's confirmed, it needs a real name. Recent elements have been named after the country or laboratory that the element was

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Love life
(better pictures coming soon)

my newest sculpture. available in several sizes up to 25cm and a variety of materials to fit every budget.

order now on Shapeways.

Buy Nowi hope to build this much larger, perhaps a public sculpture in stone or metal, or wood for Burning Man

Warrior goddess block
top: alumide, 8g; bottom: stainless steel, 50g

Are you a warrior or a goddess?

No judgement, be yourself.

Reads "warrior" one way, "goddess" the other way, and has a heart carved out along the longest axis.

Buy NowAvailable at Shapeways

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Terpster has everything dancers need to manage music playlists in the classroom or rehearsal space, with a clear, simple UI that lets you focus on movement!

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