I'm stephan.com

Hi. I'm a good genius. Think of all the bad guys in the movies who want to take over the world? Well, I'm that guy, except for the evil part and the taking over the world part. I just want to have fun, and make art, and dance and play and make the world a better place, because someone has to, and if I don't, who will?

I skipped two years of primary school, graduated from the Chicago Academy for the Arts as a theater major in 1984, and have three degrees

I was going to do a PhD at the University of East London SMARTlab but it didn't work out. Read my Interim Manifesto

I have 44 years of experience programming. I mostly specialize in Ruby on Rails, but also dabble in iOS and can learn anything else.

I treat my code as an expression of art and beauty, and often say

software is to poetry as
architecture is to sculpture

In addition, I have a rich interdisciplinary background, including

  • 3d printing
  • mobile technology
  • web design
  • entertainment
  • business
  • usability and security
  • computer graphics, design and programming
  • intellectual property and digital rights theory and practice

I live in New York, but home is Black Rock City

My last name is Meyers, but I prefer being called stephan.com

patents and publications

I made art with a group called (art)n laboratory for over 10 years. During that time, we showed work on all seven continents, including antarctica, and created permanent installations in places like the Smithsonian Institution

I was a kid actor, a member of SAG/AFTRA since 1972. Lots of commercials, industrial films, radio and tv. Here's my IMDB. I recently renewed my membership and have started acting again. Watch for me in the background of the 2019 seasons ofHappy! and Orange is the New Black

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