Sorry, but Terpster is no longer active

Terpster has been off the app store for years, retired due to a lack of interest. Someday, I may resurrect it. Contact me if you really want that to happen :)

Terpster has everything dancers need to manage music in the classroom or rehearsal space.

Create playlists from music in your iTunes library, with the features dancers need:

  • Name each exercise whatever you want - 'pliè,' 'leg swings' - no more 'Track 5'
  • Set start and end points for each track - skip over that annoying intro.
  • Delay before starting - up to 10 seconds to get back to center, or to give corrections
  • Repeat an exercise once, twice (for left and right sides), or forever
  • 'Continue' setting moves from one exercise to the next automatically for a fluid warmup
  • "From the Top" button puts it all together to make your class run smoother than ever.
  • All combined with a clear, simple UI that lets you focus on movement!

Frequently asked questions

Does Terpster allow for slowing down or speeding up of music?
Sadly, no. This is the most requested feature. It does not appear to be possible to do this with music that is in your iTunes library.All I can do with the music in your iTunes library is start it and stop at desired points.If I were to add this feature, you would have to upload tracks individually through iTunes, Dropbox, or some other more cumbersome meansIf I get the funding, I can add this feature, but there appears to be no way to make it easy and seamless
Does Terpster do beat and time signature detection?
Another feature I would like to add, but again, you would have to upload songs into the app, which would be cumbersome.The problem with both features ultimately is that Apple won't let programmers have the "bits" of the music data - because if I could get the bits, I could pirate the music, and this would go against their DRM.
I want to change the colors
I am considering releasing color packs as a paid upgrade
Terpster doesn't have any advertising! I want ads!
You're welcome.
I want another feature!
That's great! I'd like to add more features. But I don't make much money from Terpster, and it's hard for me to work for free.Terpster was created as a labor of love while I was taking ballet classes in 2010. I am considering rewriting Terpster using Swift someday. But it does what it does; it is useful, and fairly free of bugs.
Terpster sucks, I want a refund
Contact me, and I will refund you personally
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